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Alizea Residence
Under the caress of the trade winds, a holiday home overlooking the Orient Bay. An exceptional location and a breathtaking panorama...

The Sol'Hôtel is located in the Oyster Pond area in Sint Maarten, overhanging marina linked on the Atlantic Ocean.

Caribbean Princess
Located on Orient Bay, facing the sea, the Caribbean Princess Residence is the ideal place to succumb to the magic of the Caribbean...

Pierres Caraïbes
Pierres Caraibes have an excellent choice of properties ofr rent on St. Martin, in either beachfront or hillside locations. The temptation is hard to resist...

Golfe Hotel
Located in Marigot, the Golfe Hotel is a charming little hotel with pool and tropical garden, bordering the Simpson Bay Lagoon.

Riu Palace St Martin
On 500 meters of beach, Riu Palace St. Martin is nestled in the picturesque Anse Marcel...

La Plantation Hotel
At the heart of the private park of Orient Bay, La Plantation Hotel met charm, comfort and personalized service for your pleasure...

Palm Court Hotel
At the heart of the Orient Bay Village on the finest beach on the island, Orient Bay... The Palm Court Hotel is a true "Riad Creole"...

Mercure Saint Martin
To the west of the island of St. Martin, Mercure Hotel St Martin and Marina, with a Creole architecture, on a white sand beach facing the lagoon...

Marquis Hotel and Spa
Two minutes from the beach of Anse Marcel, the Marquis Boutique Hotel & Spa offers all the benefits and services of a Resort and Spa in the unique surroundings of a boutique hotel...

La Playa Orient Bay Hotel
La Playa Orient Bay Hotel, a charming hotel enjoys an exceptional setting, situated on the beach at Orient Bay, between its private beach and terrace beside the pool...

Green Cay Villas
Facing the Orient Bay, Green Cay Villas are spacious luxury villas with private pool and hotel services...

Grand Case Beach Club
The Grand Case Beach Club in the heart of the authentic village of Grand Case, a unique situation for this 3 stars hotel feet in the water ...

Flamboyant Le Village

On Nettle Bay, facing the Simpson Bay lagoon, Flamboyant Le Village, furnished apartments with refined charm...

Esmeralda Resort
Located on the beach at Orient Bay, Hotel Esmeralda Resort offers the discreet charm of large villas, each with private pool, dispersed in a tropical garden ...

Domaine de Lonvilliers
Within the ten acres of tropical gardens, Le Domaine deploys its spacious rooms and suites overlooking the ocean...

Club Orient
The only nudism center in the Caribbean, located at the end of the beach of Orient Bay, the Club Orient offers many benefits...

Captain Oliver's Resort
Captain Oliver's Resort, an intimate beach hotel overlooking the ocean and the marina, located on the french and dutch border...

Le Beach Hotel
Ideally located on the beach and within walking distance from Marigot, between the Caribbean Sea and the lagoon, the Beach Hotel **** offers you everything you might need ...

La Samanna

Perfect blend of exoticism and sophistication: La Samanna Hotel *****, recognized as one of the finest hotels in the Caribbean is the perfect place for an unforgettable stay...

Alamanda Resort
Located on Orient Bay, the Alamanda Resort, an exceptional and intimacy hotel where the 42 rooms and suites offer magnificent views over the beach and the ocean...

Blue Bay Beach Hôtel Blue Bay Beach Hotel offers 35 junior suites located in the private park of Orient Bay...

Sprimbarth Cap Caraïbes Sprimbarth Cap Caraïbes, it's a large choice of seasonal rentals  : from luxury villas to studios in St. Martin...


Useful and Practical Information...

Find all the little details that make your stay in St. Martin - St. Maarten a memorable moment...

saint martin Getting around st martin st maarten Water st martin st maarten Entry formalities
st martin st maarten Electricity st martin st maarten Currencies st martin st maarten Upon return
st martin st maarten Telephone st martin st maarten Languages st martin st maarten Tourist Office
st martin st maarten Local time
st martin st maarten Emergency numbers


Getting around the islandst maarten st martin

st maarten st martin Busst maarten st martin
The bus service is provided mainly by mini-bus according to the main roads without a fixed schedule. The bus stops are more or less respected ... Most often, for taking a bus in St. Martin, you just have to signal the driver, who will stop at your level.

st maarten st martin Taxis
There are several transportation links available between Marigot, Philipsburg, other villages and the airports.
Princess Juliana Airport : (1-721) 545 5757
L'Espérance Airport Grand Case : 0590 97 53 03
Marigot : 0590 87 56 54
Philipsburg : (1-721) 542 2359
Quartier d'Orléans : 0590 87 31 44

st maarten st martin Car rentals
Driving is on the right and road signs with international standards, even if you do not find here grade crossings and very rarely traffic lights...
It is relatively complicated to navigate on an island, as throughout the Caribbean, the indications are often very vague and do not be surprised if your hotel is "just right after the palm tree...". Don’t worry, you'll just have to ask your way.

To fully enjoy your stay in St. Martin and visit the island, it is highly advised to rent a car. St. Martin offers a wide selection of international and local car rental agencies. While the park car rental is very important, it is advisable to book your vehicle in advance.

Electricityst maarten st martin

st maarten st martin French side : 220 V, 60 Hz. European plugs.
st maarten st martin Ducth side : 110 V, 60 Hz. American plugs.

On both sides of the island, the electronic shops offer home appliances, stock transformers and adaptors for European and American plugs. So electrical appliances can be used on both sides of the island.

Telephonest maarten st martin

st maarten st martinThe international codes for Saint Martin are: +590 (French side) and 1 721 (Dutch side).

To call Mainland France or the French side of the island from the French side, simply dial the 10 digit number of your correspondent.

To call the Dutch side from the French side, dial: 00 1 721 and then the 7 digit number of your correspondent.

To call the French side from the Dutch side, dial: 00 590 then the 6 digit number (to call a mobile phone: 00 690 then the 6 digit number).

Jetlag Local timest maarten st martin

Compared to Metropolitan France:
- 5 hours in winter (from the end of October to the end of March)
- 6 hours in summer (from the end of March to the end of October).

Compared to New York:
+1 hour in winter (from the end of October to the end of March)

Compared to universal time (GMT):
- 4:00

Do not forget that under the tropics the sun rises early (between 5:00am and 6:00am) and also sets early (between 5:30pm and 6:30pm).

Saint Martin

Waterst maarten st martin

As the island has no natural spring or river, water is supplied from desalination plants exclusively.
Many mineral waters are also available in grocery stores and supermarkets.

The water is here scarce and expensive. We count on your action to preserve it and avoid waste.

Currenciesst maarten st martin

st maarten st martinThe Euro on the French side and the Netherlands Antillean florin (NAF) or guilder on the Dutch side are the official currencies but the U.S. dollar is accepted on both side of the island.
Travellers checks and major credit cards are accepted everywhere. Many change offices are available on the island. In contrast, off-site checks are often refused.

Languageshotels st martin

Thanks to bilinguism, the French side of the island speaks French as well as English.
The Dutch side speaks English.
In addition, the Dutch, Creole or Papiamento are also spoken.

Emergency numbershotels st martin

st maarten st martinn St. Martin (French side)
SAMU : 15
Police : 17 or Marigot : 0590 87 88 33 - Grand Case : 0590 87 19 76
Firefighers : 18 - La Savane : 0590 29 02 86 - Grand Case : 0590 87 95 01
Gendarmerie - Marigot : 0590 52 21 90 - La Savane : 0590 52 30 00 - Quartier d'Orléans : 0590 52 35 95
Medical Center Guard : 0590 90 13 13
Hospital Louis Constant Fleming : 0590 52 25 25 - Emergencies : 0590 52 25 52

st maarten st martin St. Maarten (Dutch side)
Emergency : 911
Doctors on duty : 5111
Police : 111 or 542 2112
Firefighters : 120 or 542 6001
Hospital : 543 1111

Entry requirementhotels st martin

juliana airport st maarten

In the new (2006) Princess Juliana International Airport, often called PJIA, serving the long flights, entry requirements are reduced with the passage of immigration, since there are no customs restrictions.

Except for rare exceptions, the conditions of entry can be summarized as:
- Presentation of a valid passport.
Citizens of the United States may present a birth certificate.
Citizens of the European Community must present a valid passport (identity card no longer allowed to Princess Juliana).
- Possession of a return ticket.
- Possession of a sum of money sufficient for the stay.
- FULLY completed immigration card given to you generally on the plane. It is necessary to know in advance the exact place of his stay in St. Martin.
No vaccinations are required.
Pets are allowed on presentation of a recent health certificate issued by your veterinarian.

st maarten st martin All information relating to airlines are in our topic : GETTING TO ST MARTIN

st martin flights Book online your flight to St. Martin in our topic : BOOK YOUR FLIGHT

princess juliana airport sint maarten Check flight schedules to or from the arrival of Princess Juliana Airport in our topic : FLIGHT SCHEDULE

Upon returnhotels st martin

While many other tourist destinations claim to be "duty-free", St. Martin - St. Maarten is the only real duty-free destination of the Caribbean. The absence of customs duties, VAT and other indirect taxes guarantee unbeatable prices on many items. It is advised to inquire into the conditions these purchases can be bringing back to home.

For residents of the European Community, Canada and the United States, the outline of the customs regulations are as follows :

st maarten st martin European Community
Residents of the European Union, who made a trip to Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy enjoy the following allowances:
per passenger over the age of 16 years, 200 cigarettes (or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars), 2 liters of still wine and 1 liter of alcohol over 22 °, or 2 liters of alcohol less than 22 °. The above limits are not cumulative.

st maarten st martinn Canada
Residents who have performed abroad in seven days or more are exempt from customs $750. They are also entitled to an exemption from $400 for an absence exceeding 48 hours per term. These exemptions can not be combined. Residents over 16 are entitled to 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars and 2 pounds of tobacco per person. Residents of legal age can also bring 1.5 liters of wine or 1.14 liters of beer or ale.

st maarten st martinn USA
Residents of the United States after an absence of 48 hours or more are entitled to duty free of $800 if they have not benefited from this exemption within 30 days. This amount is personal, but cumulative: a family of four persons is entitled to a combined deductible of $3200. Customs duties are calculated on the difference between the value of goods and the combined franchise. In addition, each person can bring 200 cigarettes, and more than 21 years are entitled to 2 liters of alcohol.

Tourist Office of St. Martinhotels st martin

office de tourisme de saint martin

tourist office of st martin

st maarten st martin Saint Martin
Route de Sandy Ground
97150 Saint Martin
Tél: (59) 0590 87 57 21 - Fax: (59) 0590 87 56 43
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

st maarten st martin Europe
10, rue Pergolèse
75116 Paris - France
Tel: 01 53 29 99 99 - Fax: 01 42 96 15 16
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

st maarten st martin North America
825, Third avenue 29th Floor - NY 10022
Toll free 00 1 514 288 1904
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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